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Taxpayers have a right to know about the spending and debt incurred by those who tax them.

Initiated the County’s Debt Disclosure Ordinance (DDO) which requires taxing districts to publicly report their finances, including long-term debt. The Treasurer’s Office puts the information, tailored to each Property Index Number, on property tax bills and on Pappas' website.


Pappas is especially proud of the Debt Disclosure Ordinance (DDO), an unprecedented step for transparency in government. The DDO came out of questions she encountered from taxpayers about rising taxes. Recognizing that taxpayers needed to actually see how much of their taxes were going to which local governments (taxing districts), Pappas oversaw design of a system that shows how much each taxing district is billing taxpayers and how much each taxing district owes in debt for pensions, operations and other costs. The information is on both her website and on property tax bills mailed to taxpayers. Pappas urges citizens to use the information to monitor local-government spending.

On September 1, 2009, the Cook County Board of Commissioners approved the Taxing District Debt Disclosure Ordinance (hereinafter referred to as the "Ordinance"). If you represent any unit of local government, school district or community college district with the power to levy taxes, then your Agency is a Taxing District and falls within the scope of the Ordinance. The Ordinance requires Taxing Districts to provide this Office with their most recent financial statement and a number of other written financial disclosures, all in electronic format. Pursuant to the Ordinance, these financial statements and disclosures will be made available to the public via the Cook County Treasurer’s Office website. Please refer to the Ordinance for details as to your Taxing District’s obligations thereunder.

Taxpayers may conduct a search by Property Index Number (PIN) or Taxing District name to view debt disclosures and download any financial statement uploaded by a particular agency. Pursuant to Section 2-243 of the Cook County Code of Ordinances, commonly referred to as the Debt Disclosure Ordinance, taxing districts are required to provide their most recent financial statements, including the most recent actuarial reports, and make certain other financial disclosures to the Cook County Treasurer's Office, in electronic format, no more than 30 days after publication. Please refer to the uploaded taxing district financial statements for additional information regarding the financial disclosures that appear below. If any sub-agencies upload financial information, please be aware that the corresponding primary agency financial information should include sub-agency information. If your taxing districts' financial statements and disclosures do not appear on our website, please contact that taxing district directly for more information.

Search by Property Index Number (PIN)

Displays the Taxing Districts according to your PIN and each district's uploaded financial data and financial statements. Also displays copies of installment tax bills.

Search by Taxing District

Search for a specific Taxing District by name or browse all Taxing Districts to view uploaded financial data and financial statements.

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